Art Direction, Casting, Photographer, Location, Image Retouch, Re-Branding. 


Panarea Couture, is a vintage swim and resort-wear brand inspired by la dolce vitaand timeless, classic feminine beauty. Panarea’s designs are easily recognizable due to their signature blue lining and incomparable dedication to beautiful design. 

Gig Miami was hired to find the inspiration for, as well as direct, the Spring-Summer 2018 campaign. La Piscine, (The Swimming Pool) a 1969 Italian-French film directed by Jacques Deray and starring Alain Deon and Jane Birkin, was the inspiration behind the beautifully themed photoshoot completed by Gig Miami. 

In addition to the styling and art direction for Panarea Couture’s shoot, Gig Miami was also solely responsible for casting selection, photographer selection, location scouting, and props selection, resulting in an unforgettable and stunning visual experience that captures the essence of their brand.

Gig Miami inspired us with their vision of our resort collection campaign.
— Valentina Shah