How We Work

How we work

Information required before start: Briefing

A detailed feedback exchange and initial briefing wherein you explain the project and what you expect to receive is key to a successful branding or web design experience.

I still have questions, how can I contact you?

Communication is key when it comes to successfully working together. We will actively keep in touch using zoom meetings, organized and scheduled phone calls as well as email. We are available from 10 AM to 6 PM Mondays to Fridays.

Communication by email

Slow communication will result in slow turnaround times. Text messages and whatsapps are great as a personal basis, however, when it comes to our projects  we like to keep everything organized and use our email as the main communication channel.

Our Values

We work with and support mindful entrepreneurs and business owners. You can expect from us to receive a respectful and professional communication and this is what we expect from our clients. If we receive any sign of disrespectful communication including after-hour phone calls or text messages this may result in the termination of our contract or agreement effective immediately.
Payment is due on time and never late given we operate on deadlines. Late payments may also result in early termination.

What I need to start my website?

It is required to start creating your web design and e-commerce: all images, product descriptions, copywriting, and map or web structure. We start once we receive everything. This required content is necessary for us to start and might cause delays in delivering your website.


Prices do not include platform costs, Squarespace fees, Domain fees, stock photography, fonts, and Props that may need to be purchased for your project.
We will notify you and the cost will be added to an additional or to the final invoice.


Whats your timeline for web design?

Depending on the project. Usually the process of creation and the delivery of a website or e-commerce can take up to 3-4 weeks.

Can I have my website ready in less than 2 weeks?

Sure! we can design a website in 2 weeks. Please ask for availability as this will require a rush fee to have all the resources to deliver your website on time.

Whats your timeline for a logo and brand book design?

The process of brand creation can take up to 3 weeks.

Still need help? Contact our Team.